Finished the necklace

 There’s not much else to say, other than here it is!


Taken up a new hobby!

I’ve been interested in beaded jewellery for some time now and I decided to give it a go. So I bought a necklace from

The one I ordered is called Gossamer and is so pretty so look at, but a bit fiddly to make up.

All it took was one strand and already I’m hooked, so I ended up ordering Daisy necklace and earrings and jasmine necklace Pics to follow.

I’ve done a bit more on my baby’s blanket, which I want done soon, but I have to get some study in. We had a bit of bad news at home and its taken my efforts away from my study, so I’ve a bit to do to catch up on, but I’ll get there. Its easier to sit threading beads and knitting, than it is to try and focus on reading. But never mind, it wont take long to catch up. I think we’ve a free week coming up so that will help get back on track.

I can’t believe its been so long! My birth story.

I’m a terrible terrible blogger and so much time has passed since my last post.

where do I begin? Well, my last post was concerning my pregnancy, so I guess I should start there!

My pregnancy was awful, I developed SPD and PJD, horrible sickness towards the end, and I was enormous! I had several false starts, some before, some after my due date, and the baby stayed head down and engaged the whole time.

I was finally induced due to going over.

I went in to hospital on Sunday October 21st, at half 12 ish, where they delightfully informed me that he was completely free!

I had my first pessary and some time on the monitor when I went back to the antenatal ward.

I started having niggles which I put down to prostin pains. Simon got bored and hungry and I was tired as well, so he took himself off for a while. I rested and read magazines.

I was offered paracetamol for the niggles but I felt I didnt need it. It started getting dark and I called Simon to ask where he was, he was on his way back.

He got to the ward, and the niggles got stronger, so we went off for a walk round the ward and I got some paracetamol, and had a bath.

The bath was ok, but I needed something stronger so I went to put my tens machine on. They did a shift change and the midwife could see I was in pain, and needing to breathe through the pains, which were turning into full blown contractions. I was due to go up for my second pessary, but as I was talking they came stronger and stronger.

In fact, the midwife was that concerned by the speed they were coming, she brought gloves with her when she took us up in the lift!

Got to the ward and had the most wonderful midwife! They did te usual handover while I was sucking happily on the gas and air.

I made the fatal mistake of letting my mum know I was in labour, and she rang the ward because she kept ringing my phone but I woulnt answer – I wonder why!

They told her they didnt think I’d make it to midnight. Famous last words.

I had a very hard very long labour, and in the end my contractions just weren’t doing enough, and I had to be put on a drip. So the epidural was set up, as my midwife wouldn’t let me go through more pain, and the drip was set up to increase the strength of my conractions.

I slept and when I woke, I found simon was asleep as well.

The epidural started to wear off though, and it actually ran out before I was ready to push.

But finally, the time came and at 9.39am on 22nd October, 200, I gave birth to my beautiful little boy.

He had to be rushed out to the resucitation table, where he had 5 breaths of oxygen, but was soon screaming his little lungs out.

And now Caleb is 4 and a half months old and a complete joy to have. He’s rolling over, trying to crawl, can nearly support himself when he sits, and has the loudest dirty laugh, he’s amazing!

4d scan and a too big bump

I recently had my 4d scan which was incredible. I’ve had lots of scans over my 4 pregnancies but nothing like the 4d scan.
The baby is the absolute image of Holly. I didn’t think it would be possibly to know a baby of this age could be so beautiful.
He flashed us his boy parts, to leave us in no doubt that he is deffinately a he!

I asked for his growth to be checked as a midwife had decided 2 days beforehand that he is too big. he isnt big at all, as his growth is just over the 50th centile.

At my antenatal the following week, I discussed this with my own midwife who decided to measure me and I don’t think she did it correctly, because I felt the tape measure go over my jeans.
I’m measuring 4 weeks ahead, so I’ve had to have a blood test to determine whether I have gestational diabetes. I dont think I have, I just think its because I’m overweight.

I’ve stayed on top of my weight though, currently a few lbs under my pre pregnant weight.

I’ve started a shawl for him, and its fiddly to knit, and I just hope I’ve not left it too late!
I’ll add regular updates once I start to make some headway.
As things stand, I’ve had to unravel it once already and I’ve only just got back to where I was to begin with.
The idea is to finish 12 rows a day to get it done in 6 weeks, leaving time to finish his blanket!

Lets see! LOL

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Felt like a quick ramble.

I’m near the point of sleep but not quite ready yet and I felt like a moan!

My Little one, Holly, is poorly. Last night she had us (me) awake all night, from 2. I fell asleep at half 7 this morning when I should have been getting up!

We managed a sleep this afternoon, and that was nice, but I’m tired again, just waiting to the relaxed feeling when I know I’ll fall asleep.

Done no crafting at all today but spent a couple of hours doing a bit of cross stitch yesterday, which was nice. No pics though.

I’ve got a new car! I felt so sad that I had to give my old one up, but there were so many things that needed putting right and we needed an extra seat, so that this little one has somewhere to sit.  Its a Ford galaxy Ghia, 2 litre, although its a P reg and has a few teething problems, but they will all be fixed. I love driving it and being up high!  its a very dark green colour thats almost black and It has tinted windows as well, to help filter the sun. The best thing is, the window opens on the drivers side… something that needed fixing on the old car. I dont care that my hair gets blown all over the place and always needs brushing because it no longer feels like I’m driving a greenhouse!

I might post a pic of it soon LOL

Anyway thats all for now!

I’m a bad blogger!

I’ve just come on to have a look and I can’t believe how long its been since I last wrote anything here!

For a quick update, I’m now 24 weeks and 5 days pregnant with a little boy!

I have 3 daughters so I never expected to hear the words its a boy! I’m still unbelieving although I have done some blue knitting!

Firstly I did a blanket for my cousins baby who is due now. Knit in 4 ply snuggly its so soft but a bit of a pain to knit, I hope they like it.

After then, I finished a cardigan which I started before I knew I was having a boy

Then I did a matching jacket and hat, in sirdar snuggly which I love to knit with as its so soft.

11 weeks and pretty scarfs.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I’m 11 weeks pregnant. I havent posted much in here aboout being pregnant, cos lets face it, theres only so much a girl can write about throwing up a lot!

I had a scan a couple of weeks ago. It was fab! Of course, the baby is only little but I only wanted to see the heart beating.

All is going well, I hear the heart beating every day with my doppler, and my jeans don’t fit anymore!

Just got 2 weeks to go till the second trimester, and relative safety.

I’ve just started a scarf.
I’m using Rowan tapestry, in Pot Pourri, and its making my nose itch but is very prettyful. Its a design from, who I love.

Hopefully wont take me too long and I am itching to get on with some baby things. Trouble is I dont know what I’m knitting for!
My cousins baby is due in June, and its a little girl so I can knit a few things for her, although I doubt a june baby would need much.

Anyway, thats all for now.

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